4 thoughts on “The Dreams We Dream–Part 1

  1. A friend told me today that she dreamed that the Lord came to her and asked her to get ready. The Lord told her that He was taking her mom home soon. Her mom ALSO had a dream where her sister ( who has gone home to the Lord) was on one side of a river waving her over and asking her to cross the river. She told her that there was nothing to be afraid of. My friends mom is 82 and enjoys good health. Interesting!!


    • Daniel, Someone very solid in his faith also had a dream like that about going soon and to be ready–several years ago. Who know how God defines “soon.” We certainly want to be ready though, don’t we? I too had a similar dream about my mother-in-law and her being “ready.” Fascinating, isn’t it! That should be a part of who we are as we prepare for our real lives eternally.


  2. I, too have had very vivid dreams that I am CERTAIN were from God. Although rare, they were nonetheless very personal affirmations of a person or decision I was wrestling with. Love your writings, Ann


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