The Daytime Dreams We Dream

In this bi-monthly Heavy Hurts, I share about my rites of defense and prying off the mask of shame. The art is simply what I see in our front yard, reminding me He is the fountain of life. The Inspirational Thought is about the spirit of adoption and His blood that connects us. 

5 thoughts on “The Daytime Dreams We Dream

  1. Ann, your story of waiting on Matt will be such a gift for him to always have. Once again, thank you for sharing your heart and your honest wisdom.


    • Thank-you. I wrote this after Matt was born and included it in my personal essays for my thesis project years ago. Even though this is shortened, it continually reminds me how awesome our God and His encouraging Word are.


    • God’s plans are miraculous! I’m a “miracle baby” as you know from reinadg my blog, and my heart thrills with this story of Matthew. The plans of God succeed.Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog. Even though moments of frustration arise (from weariness I’m sure), I am cherishing this time with my parents. Thanks for the gentle reminder.Blessings,Joy


  2. God is amazing in how He works!! NO one is an accident, it’s sad that some think that! Kinda crude, but out of around 500 million sperm
    cells He pick me- you-YAY!!


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