Ann Elizabeth Robertson
Ann Elizabeth

 I am a lover of life, the love of my life, my children, grandchildren, nature walks, painting nature, the nature of words and the God of His Word.

For now and hopefully always I’m in pursuit of living lovely–the real life we’re meant to live with no masks or cover-ups. For me, it’s simple acceptance, focused on God’s beauty and the life He has planned for our right now.

I can’t say I’ve found it all yet–that authentic beauty living large within me. Yet, it seems if we’re always curious, then each layer of life draws us closer to what we’re pursuing, preparing us to accept the next level.

The endless beauty of West Virginia

I’m on a trek and would love for you to join with me. My hope is that you’ll be encouraged and inspired by my simple thoughts from my vantage point.

So much like art and life, our horizons tend to vary by where we’re standing.

Where are you standing right now?

A tiny chapel in Rome with a phenomenal painting by Caravaggio.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, your suggestions, your quandaries, your prayers.

With hindsight, I probably pursued a Master of Arts degree in Technical and Expository Writing because my first book was a technical writing piece. I was eight years old. The book—handwritten on wide-lined notebook paper–was entitled How to Care for Your Kitten and Cat.

I’m pretty sure it was mostly plagiarized by my copying sections out of a manual with a similar title. I had a new kitten, and out of my great love I strived to learn how to best parent my Siamese named Rama.

Life is easier if we know what we’re doing

while also more adventurous when we venture into some unknowns

to discover and broaden our lives and our loves.

Writings can be found in Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Encountering Jesus: Modern Day Stories of His Supernatural Presence and PowerGuideposts Mysterious Ways magazine and book, Roadtrippers and various newspapers and other sites. Some articles can be read on the  Only in Arkansas, website. I especially love doing interviews. With each one, my life is enlarged from the people I’ve had the honor to write about.

More bio: http://arkansaswomenbloggers.com/miss-march-2018-ann-elizabeth-robertson/

Charleston, SC 11/12
Charleston, SC 11/12
Ann & Bill Robertson
Bill & Ann Robertson
A little French town on the Rhine River.

U of VA in Charlottesville, VA, where Bill attended med school.
Biltmore, NC
Lucerne, Switzerland 4/15
Lucerne, Switzerland 4/15
The Hague 4/15
The Hague 4/15
Newport, RI
Newport, RI
Newport, RI
Newport, RI
Rome 7/12
Rome 7/12

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  1. In 2018, you wrote an article about an author, Catherine Mary Senander. I’m attempting to contact her and potentially hire her for a small project. I’m considering a book about my moms life and she lives in Bella Vista, AR. If she is interested, please pass my details.


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