Artwork and Photographs

From our hotel room after hiking Cinque Terre trail, we watched a family of seagulls on the rooftop in front of us. May I mention they’re a cranky bunch!


Barren Land for Brittany’s 1/2 Bday, Acrylic on canvas


eye selfie with pastel chalks

Eye selfie with pastel chalks

Spring is always representative of new life:

FROZEN TIMES  (Yard Photograph)   

The fountain in our front yard reminds me each winter we all have frozen times in our lives, times when we’re meant to be still, when time stands still. Yet, if you look closely, more intently, you’ll discover life still flows, deeper, stronger.



“Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.”   Psalm 116:7

A Dog’s Life



This 11″ x 14″ acrylic was commissioned as a gift to honor a dear family dog’s life.

Abby was a happy dog with a sad face. Not sure how that works.

She simply took her life’s purpose seriously, obligated to defend her family, eat everything voraciously set before her and sleep wherever humans sleep, just hours more.

Idaho and Still Life Painting

In June, Bill and I had the  pleasure of traveling to Oregon and Idaho as we check off visiting each state together. We have 13 states left. I spent five days attending an art workshop taught by Frank Covino and getting to know some of NW America’s best.

This 16″ x 24″ oil landscape I began at a workshop is still incomplete, but I share it with you so you can see it as a work in progress. So like us, huh?

Incomplete landscape

Incomplete landscape

Some other artwork I’ve done–oils, watercolor, pastels, polymer clay and photographs–continue below.

The Beauty of a Textured Life

The Beauty of a Textured Life

The Beauty of a Textured Life is a 30″ x 40″ acrylic I painted for the Spark of Life Annual Gala’s Live Auction on June 27.

The door was painted from a photo I took while on a cultural art exchange with the mayor of San Miguel del Allende. This beautiful European-like city is filled with art galleries and a Gothic cathedral that draws an international crowd. The door to this house was on a mountainside that overlooked the city.


Oil, In the Woods


Oil, “My da Vinci Angel”


Masks--Who Needs Them? watercolor painting by AER

Masks–Who Needs One? Watercolor


Art  1/5/12

Unfinished Oil



Watercolor, “Our House”

Not all paintings have to be carefully thought out. Some are meant to be a moment’s expression. Spontaneous at best, we get to submit to that urgency to make art. To risk sharing the 15-minute paintings, opens one up to the scrutiny of Rembrandt Realists. So I remind you and me, art is too vast, emotions too strong to confine. Simply enjoy. AER


Pastel, “My First Grand”

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  2. I love the paintings. My favorites are of your yard, home, and you/Bill at the game!! Your talent and your words bless me in so many ways.


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