Bernie’s Last Thanks

On March 13, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Family Caregivers will be in stores. If you are a caregiver, a receiver of care, or know of one, you might find this book to be an encouraging gift. My story “Bernie’s Last Thanks”(published on page 62) follows in hopes of honoring my mother-in-law’s life and blessing young and old, giving and receiving. 

4 thoughts on “Bernie’s Last Thanks

  1. Ann,
    Touched on multiple levels by this post. Food for thought followed by memories of Bernie and others. Once again, you have painted word pictures that linger. Love you.


  2. I totally agree, “Hospice Health Care Group are Angels in Disguise”. Because of them I was able to care for my mom in her last weeks and still continue to work full time. I was always confident she was in great hands while I had to be away from her. Hospice, your husband and you gave me the support I needed to care for her to the best of my ability, love her and gracefully let her go when the time came. In case I never said it, “Doc – Ann, my most heartfelt thanks for being there for me”. your faith and support has helped me so much thru the years and continue to everyday. I have so much love and admiration for both of you and Ann I am so glad you are writing the blogs. I can identify with so much of what you write and it helps me greatly. Thank you both for being YOU.


  3. Cindy, I’m sure you have several loved ones in mind, and we get to be glad we were there for them. Your love and dedication is immensely admirable. Makes heaven all the more sweeter, doesn’t it! Love, Ann


  4. Bobbie, You are too generous, all the while we were thinking what an encouragement you were to us! I love how you loved and cared for your mother to the end. One of the most difficult experiences is watching one you love in pain and feeling helpless. But if we can just convey our love and God’s unfathomable love and grace, hopefully, they can rest in Him. Thank you for reading. Your responses remind me how universal our thinking processes are.We love you and thank you for being you!


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