Archways are Entryways

Archways are Entryways

Book Giveaway: Comment and/or like this page, Facebook site or email and your name will be entered for a drawing October 13. Two copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miraculous Messages from Heaven will be given away. My story “Ears to Hear” is in it. It can be found in stores October15.

The artwork for this post represents a bit of beauty on this earth. How often our Creator continues to WOW us with His transforming life!

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  1. His great love is unfathomable!! Yes, it’s hard to understand, but if we could only see how He sees! But we just trust Him, He is trustworthy!


  2. So thankful for your gifted writing- many will see the glory of the Father through them and be be spiritually encouraged (as I am). Love you.


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