Tattered Butterflies

Like many of you, I have a great love for butterflies. These winged wisps of artwork, delicate as they are, flutter from blossom to blossom, from country to country. Who could ever imagine they once crawled about the earth and miraculously transformed into an expression of beauty for our unending pleasure! 

So you can understand how I react each time I spot a butterfly in our sunroom, battling to break through the glass, trying to reach its freedom. Its death soon follows because of an invisible killer lurking–insecticide sprayed on the window sills by our bug man. It’s in our valid pursuit to reduce the annoying insects, not butterflies.

Some survive. Some don’t. However, recently one particular butterfly taught me a lesson which made me think of many of you. You, too, are probably In the midst of a battle. Maybe, it’s for your health or a loved one’s. It could be for healthy relationships. Some of you might be struggling for freedom from the world’s grips or from your own.

Some are torn by the loss of a treasured life.

Yet, even in our deepest pain, we can find God if we’re looking.

That day I held a most resilient butterfly, who like so many of you prove:

“Greater is He that is within me, than he who is in the world.”

Tattered Butterfly

Tattered Butterfly

What if we lived our whole lives–our earthly lives–and never realized the fullness of God’s love, thinking we are too damaged, missing His true love for us?

As tattered butterflies, we must end our struggling and fly in the face of beauty.

God will strengthen us to surmount our trials because He can, because He will.

Wherever you are, live richly and fly free.

Tattered Butterfly

“My God shall supply all my riches through Christ Jesus my Lord.”

6 thoughts on “Tattered Butterflies

  1. Ann, I think of the Butterfly Palace and all the beauty we saw there. And the inborn travel plans of the butterflies that we learned about…love your imagery, pictures, and thoughts.


  2. Very blessed by your writings, Ann! I relate on so many different levels and Praise HIM, Who is the wind beneath my tattered wings.


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